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The great eScape

5 Jul

A brief break from elderflowers whilst my elderflower bread starter gets its fizz on – more on that later. In the meantime I’ve been getting in a pickle. Scapes are the immature flowering stems of a garlic plant, the stems are delicious with a light gralicky flavour. But it’s not the stems I’m interested in this time… scape buds
I got my hands on a decent quantity of the unopened flower buds. Since capers are also flower buds I thought I’d try pickling the scape buds in a similar way. So here goes…
pickled scape buds
I made a pickling mix using cider vinegar and a few aromatics; coriander, bay, fennel and peppercorns. I think they look pretty good, because of their size I’m leaving them a week in order for the pickle to really work its magic. Thumbs up!
Pickled scape buds

I’ll let you know how they taste soon!


If you pick a paw paw…

26 Mar

You say paw paw, I say papaya. Both refer to a particularly tasty fruit with succulent and sweet pinky orange flesh that tastes incredible with a squeeze of lime. It is the seeds though that I am concerned with; black and piquant with a taste not dissimilar from nasturtium. I enjoyed a papaya the other day and after devouring it piece by piece I thought i’d have a go at planting the seeds; not that I’m expecting any fruit but it will be interesting to see what the plant looks like. I posted some photo’s of seeds last week, and after drying out the perfectly round seeds from the papaya, I was so amazed at the transformation I had to post a photo. PS bonus points for those who get the ‘if you pick a paw paw’ reference…macro papaya seed.

Something for the fish

20 Mar

I’m a huge fan of bulbed fennel, it is so delicious, both cooked and raw. One of my favourite things is thick slices of fennel browned until the sugars in the fennel begins to caramalise, sublime either with fish or nibbled on whilst standing at the hob! Unfortunately I  won’t have space for the bulbed variety but I couldn’t resist a packet of fennel bronze that I spied in my local garden center. I’ve never seen this bronze variety, the picture looks like they’ll come up as a rusty dark mauve colour. More interesting then the standard variety and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow.
The seeds are sublime! Love the fact that they will grow into beautiful bronze fronds.

fennel seeds

An ode to the seed

14 Mar

OK so I know it’s not necessarily true that the seeds get ignored, cumin, coriander and fennel I am sure would say otherwise;  it is just that I find it so mesmerising that something so tiny can produce something huge and pack such a punch. Here’s the three most interesting seeds included in my purchases…Can you guess what they grow into?nasturtium seed macro mixed salad seed macrochilli seed macro