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Roots ahoy…

30 Apr

It seems that life has conspired to keep me away from my plot this last week. Frustration at the weekend meant that my carefully laid plans for putting my other seedlings out were thwarted by lack of soil! Above all this has been the most irksome of issues with my attempts at green fingered-ness. Buying compost is both expensive and not ideal as a long term growing solution.

Due to the high nitrate of many composts they can do more harm then good, burning roots and leading to the death of plants; something I only found out after putting my courgettes into pure compost – they look ok now so hopefully I’m safe. I had hoped to buy the community compost mentioned in previous post but unfortunately when I arrived for a pick up they had sold out – more fool me for not calling before!

I will write more on my compost conundrum but firstly good news! Remember these! It may have taken them almost two months but they’ve finally gone and done it…roots!
Rooting lemongrass
I so nearly gave up on these babies and so pleased now I persevered, one already has a tiny shoot pushing up alongside. Potted and chilling in my kitchen.
Potted lemongrass


Eggs is eggs

9 Feb

So it turns out that it’s not just what’s inside the shell that counts. After some research it appears that shells make for excellent plant food, along with wee, bone meal and compost. Eggs are something most have in the house, fry-ups, baking we go through them. Most unhesitatingly chuck the shells away without a second thought. No more!


They may be eggs but I think there is something quite beautiful about these dried out shells



I left mine in the oven for a week, heating up and cooling down as I cooked and eventually drying out.


They absolutely stink when they are ground; lets hope the plants appreciate it.