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A return of sorts…

12 Jun

Courgette Plant
I’ll not be dwelling on the fact that it’s been over a month since my last posting. Instead it’s an exciting chance for me to look back and realise how far I have come. Take the courgettes, only a couple of posts ago they were in their infancy. Now look at them, flowering and completely swamping their container, tiny courgettes beginning to emerge from underneath those beautiful leaves.
Courgette Flower
The nasturiums too have taken on a new lease of life, thriving on being outside. I found a great tin outside one of the cafe’s near my house and it has turned out to be the perfect home. They look healthy and I can’t believe it’s only a few short months since I was so excited about their infancy.
The sink planted with the beans and sweet peas has not been as successful, they’ve hardly moved since I put them out. Unfortunately I think it is the lavender that is taking the light. Today I’ll be propping it up and hoping for a growth spurt! The gate in the background I found languishing at the back of our flat, I’m hoping that shortly it will be covered in sweet peas and beans…
Beans and Sweet Peas
The pot to the right is my verbena that I’d given up for dead, amazingly with the sunshine came new growth. That’s all for now in terms of catch up but I’ll be back before the month is out…


Moving on up…

22 Apr

Sunday dawned sunny and bright, after a week of fretting about their survivalĀ it was time to give my courgettes a little more space. I’ve decided to devote the whole planter to these babies in the hope of a bumper crop, let’s hope it is big enough.

courgette planter

Whoomph, where did they come from? My Bolotti beans have sprung up in record time…
Borlotti bean seedlings

Sweet peas, beans and the nasturtiums are next. First a trip here to get some community compost.

Toughening up!

15 Apr

A quick update on my seedlings which have progressed at a ferocious rate. Fingers crossed our final frost has passed and it’s time to think about putting my seedlings outside. Now begins a period of hardening off, the process of leaving seedlings outside for a few hours each day in order to toughen them up and ensure they don’t die of shock when they are planted out. They are looking good and strong and by and large most have germinated, so far only two failures, one nasturtium and two courgettes have not appeared. I nearly gave up on my spicy globe basil and the chilli peppers, but after a stint on top of the boiler they have emerged.

Here they are on the balcony, in the sunshine!

hardening off seedlings

As you can see at the back of the photo is the salad box that I was so excited about. Unfortunately all that straining for the light left them very leggy and they soon started drooping. I’ve tried physically stroking them in order to promote strength of stem and hopefully with some time outside they will perk up….We shall see.

Here they come…

23 Mar

As you may have realised I’m a big fan of the macro. There’s something magical about capturing the minutiae of life. Here’s a little one of the nasturtiums that, along with the other seedlings I planted, are emerging on my windowsill.

nasturtium seedling

I never realised that the leaves are also edible on a nasturtium plant. The flowers look gorgeous on salads in the summer but the leaves that stick around longer, I can imagine, would be delicious in salads too, peppery and sharp. Perhaps a nasturtium pesto….I think i’ll leave these to grow a little more before getting overexcited about crop.

nasturtium plants

Seeds of change

12 Mar

I decided to order a whole batch of seeds from ebay! I wanted to take the plunge and make sure I didn’t cop out of this project before I’d even got out of the starting blocks. Anyway, they’ve arrived and so it was straight into pots with them this afternoon. I’m starting them off inside as we’re having a seriously cold spell and then when they’re looking strong enough I’ll transplant them outside. On another note, major bargain today, found a huge wine box just round the corner from my house – perfect for my courgettes!plants2

Had the idea to use clothe pegs for my plant labels…Will the biro come off when outside?Let’s hope not.

Landcress, nasturtiums, courgettes (two varieties), poppies, basil and oregano to start….not much to eat yet.