One potato, two potato…

28 Feb

I feel like winter is beginning to be banished from the doorstep, which for me means moving up a gear with my planned planting. Today I did some research into potatoes, one of the things I remember digging up as a child but not sadly for many years. I came across an article on heirlooms and which in the opinion of the author were the ones to choose, and the ones to loose. I wanted to plant some that were not your bog standard so decided on two varieties, one I’m hoping to crop as an early and the other as a main. I’ve got to be honest, I was a little confused by the first early, second early, main crop malarkey. However, I’m going to give it a go and the plan is to have the ‘International Kidney’ variety as the early and ‘Winston’ as the main, planting them a couple of weeks apart in order to have a long run of them…Bring on the chipping, mashing and roasting!

Chitting… Pop them, eye side up and wait for the sprouts to emergechitting

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