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Slow going

22 Jan

So it seems that January isn’t the best time to start growing. Most garden activities required in January are related to things that need doing once you’ve got an established growing space. Me, with my sad pots, don’t really need any attention, especially as I’m planning to get rid of most of them when the weather gets a little cheerier and I’ve got something to go in their place.

I have however been doing some growing of an alternate type… Sprouts! They are the easiest way to achieve the buzz of growing something and they are delicious too.


They are super easy to do, soak in water overnight and then leave in a well ventilated place, rinse each day and within a few days you’ll have a budding bean and tasty snack. I’m going to do some chickpeas next. I’ll report back and show you the result.


Here Goes

8 Jan

New Year, new you, or more accurately me. Over the next year and beyond I hope to turn my average sized terrace into a haven of greenery. Some edible, some pretty and some a bit of both. Currently the rain means the drab space looks even sadder than normal but here’s a photo to give you an idea.


The plan is to make a narrow raised bed across the back and get rid of the majority of those plastic pots which seem to contain little of merit and definitely nothing edible! Well we shall see…